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Product Detail


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Blue CPE armrest cover

Material: CPE
Brand: OEM
Size: 25*32*10cm
Color: black
Packing: 50pcs/bag,8bags/carton
Certificate: CE, ISO13485, FDA

PE OVERSLEEVES 18 Length: Pack of 100 Disposable arm oversleeves. Single use polyethylene sleeve protectors, lightweight for comfort and dexterity. Thickness 2 Mil. Suitable for men and women. Waterproof. One size fits all.

  • HIGH QUALITY: Blue poly disposable oversleeves are manufactured from premium quality polyethylene. The plastic material oversleeves are flame resistant and durable. Protective oversleeves allow excellent comfort and stability. Comfortable elastic secures sleeves to wrist and elbow. Breathable and lightweight.

  • RELIABLE PROTECTION: These elastic over sleeves are waterproof for protection against spills, splashes or residue from daily jobs. Protect your clothing from dirt and grime with extra-long pull over disposable blue sleeve covers!

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